Our Campus

As of 2021, the University of Southampton Malaysia will move into EcoBotanic City in Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

The upgraded multi-storey campus is built to accommodate up to 2,000 students and features state-of-the-art laboratories, learning spaces and recreational spaces for an exceptional educational experience.

The campus is equipped with a cutting edge digital library, a myriad of open learning spaces and lecture halls that can seat up to 200 students.

University of Southampton Malaysia's Laboratories

Aerospace Laboratory
Aerospace Laboratory

UoSM's Aerospace Laboratory is specially designed for our MEng Aeronautics & Astronautics students. It is equipped with a subsonic wind tunnel that can operate to a speed of up to 130km/h, flight simulator, and a Hilton nozzle rig. 

Electrical and Electronic Laboratory

This is one of UoSM's Electrical and Electronic Laboratory. MEng EEE students will be using this state-of-the-art equipment with bespoke teaching benches, which span over four different laboratories - Electronics, Electrical, Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Smart Power Systems - to best facilitate teaching, learning and research activities.

Mechanical Workshop
Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop is a MEng Mechanical Engineering student’s haven, where they can turn ideas into reality and gain invaluable hands-on experience! This workshop is equipped with revolutionary equipment such as a laser cutter, used to cut various shapes on plywood and acrylic sheets, and 3D printers, which can manufacture plastic parts from a 3D CAD model. There are also other machines such as the lathe machine, milling machine, sheet metal bending machine, and more.

Computer Science Lab
Computer Science Laboratory

University of Southampton Malaysia’s Computer Science labs are equipped with around 200 different programmes and packages, enabling students to develop their intellectual curiosity and skills. In here, they can build and maintain virtual machines for creating web services, testing computer security and manage their own SQL database systems.