Congratulations to Team SOTON4HEALTHfor a phenomenal achievement in ROBOFUN Industry Challenge 2023!

We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable success of Team SOTON4HEALTH consisting of Charles Tay Lik Xiang (EEE), Fong Mun Cheok (MECH) and Tan Yi Hong (EEE) under the supervision of Ir Dr Ahmad Syahrin Idris, Dr Azam Ahmad Bakir, Dr Grace Chai and Dr Heng Wei Wei.

Project description:
SOTON4HEALTH - MEDAIRO WALKMATE - Is a Medical AI Assistive Robot with the aim of improving patient mobility and safety in hospitals and care facilities. This innovative project aims to reduce the risks of falls which is the second leading cause of accidental injury and nonintentional deaths worldwide. MEDAIRO WALKMATE incorporates autonomous navigation, voice controlled command, mobility support, remote control and patient monitoring to ensure a safer environment for patients be it in hospitals, elderly care facilities or even for rehab.

Robothon 2023 Achievement:
Team SOTON4HEALTHs creativity, dedication and hard work took them to the final stage of ROBOFUN Industry Challenge 2023 where they were awarded a consolation prize as one of the top 9 teams and impressively, cliched one of the coveted prestigious MRANTI Special Mention Prize.

This accomplishment not only showcases their technical capabilities, but also their capabilities to pitch and present their ideas to a diverse audience including judges from major tech, retail and healthcare industries. We hope that team SOTON4HEALTHs achievements will inspire the next generation of engineers to reach for greater heights and provide a much safer environment by reducing the risks of falls for hospital patients and the elderly.

Congratulations to team SOTON4HEALTH!