01 June -

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship can be daunting, especially for aspiring student entrepreneurs. However, at the University of Southampton Malaysia, students are provided with exceptional opportunities and support through the Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise department. In this article, we hear from a recent undergraduate winner of the "100 BIG BUSINESS IDEAS" competition, reflecting on their experience and highlighting the invaluable resources offered by the university.

As a newly joined undergraduate student at the University of Southampton in October 2021, Hamza was thrilled to learn about the "100 BIG BUSINESS IDEAS" competition organized by the Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise team. Little did he know that this competition would not only provide him with an incredible platform to showcase his entrepreneurial skills but also open doors to a world of opportunities.

Participating in the competition was a game-changer for him. The support and guidance he received from the university's dedicated team were instrumental in boosting Hamza's confidence and refining his business ideas. Their expertise and mentorship have been invaluable throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

"One aspect that truly sets the University of Southampton apart is the wide range of funding opportunities available to student entrepreneurs. What amazed me the most was that the funding provided was equity-free, which is a rare and incredible advantage for young entrepreneurs. This financial support not only helps students bring their business ideas to life but also alleviates some of the financial burdens that come with starting a venture," said Hamza. 

He added "I cannot stress enough how beneficial the mentorship and guidance from the Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise department has been for me. The team's vast network and industry connections have allowed me to expand my horizons and connect with seasoned professionals in my field of interest. Their insights and advice have been crucial in shaping my entrepreneurial mindset and strategy.

Having experienced the immense support from the university, Hamza strongly encourages all current and upcoming students of the University of Southampton Malaysia to actively participate in the competitions and initiatives organised by the Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise department. The resources and opportunities provided are invaluable for anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship.

The University of Southampton's Careers, Employability, and Student Enterprise department has proven to be a catalyst for student entrepreneurship, offering a supportive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs to thrive. Through initiatives like the "100 BIG BUSINESS IDEAS" competition, students gain access to mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities that set them on the path to success. The experiences shared by students like Hamza serves as a testament to the university's commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators and business leaders.