Mr. Abhishek Singh


I am energy enthusiast with acoustics and vibration approach. I am blend of experimentalist and theoretician. I had my graduation in Industrial and Production engineering from Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology, India and after that to enhance my career in energy and nature conservation, I joined IIT Mandi as a postgrad student with specialization in energy systems. There I worked on passive noise attenuation techniques with my thesis inclined towards the acoustic metamaterials. Before joining the University of Southampton, I was working as a research fellow at IIT Bombay, India. My interest towards the energy conservation and green energy developed after my graduation when I learned how irresponsible behaviour towards energy consumption can make this earth difficult for the future and present generation. So with the hope and enthusiasm to improve this situation, I am trying to add something fruitful in this domain. Although it is hard to completely switch to green energy but my efforts are in optimizing the usage to create balance. To achieve my major goal, I joined  faculty of engineering and physical sciences, University of Southampton Malaysia in AY 2022-23 under the supervision of Dr. Varun Thangamani.

Research Interest

  1. Green energy
  2. Piezoelectric
  3. Acoustics and Vibration
  4. Cavity flow
  5. Metamaterials



Mr. Abhishek Singh

University of Southampton Malaysia

C0301, C0302, C0401, Blok C Eko Galleria, 3, Jalan Eko Botani 3/2, Taman Eko Botani, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia


Phone No:- +60-1128655433

Current Research Project

Doctorate project; Designing and developing the efficient way to harvest energy from the cavity flow oscillations, which are available in bulk as unutilized source of energy. Energy harvesting through fluid flow at large scales are in light from centuries, we are working with same source of energy with different approach and motivation. Our power generation is of microscale and primarily designed to power sensors at remote areas, such as sensors for natural calamity(landslide, volcano eruption and activity of earth surface etc). Installing large scale powerplant  for such small power requirement is waste of resources and requires high level of maintenance. In our model we are using piezo actuators which have minimum moving objects and best for such small power requirements with almost negligible maintenance.

Thesis title:- Energy harvesting from cavity flow oscillations.

Supervisors:- Dr. Varun Thangamani(UoSM), Dr. Foo Ngai Kok(UoSM), Dr. Christina Vanderwel(UoS)