Open Day / Application Week

Our Open Days let you explore our brand new campus and excellent facilities, whilst learning about the subjects you are interested in and how they are taught. You can also speak directly with our students and staff and participate in exciting workshops conducted by our students and staff.

Refer to the dates below for our upcoming Open Days.

January Open Day: 27 - 28 January 2024

Join our Open Day on 27 - 28 January 2024

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Explore Our Campus
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Learn About Our Courses
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Meet Our Academics
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Join Our Workshops
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Meet Our Alumni
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Apply On The Spot
  Business Foundation
Year (BFY)
Computer Science Foundation
Year (CSFY)
Engineering Foundation
Year (EFY)
Tuition Fee (2022/23)^ RM25,400 RM29,973 RM29,100*
Education Grant** RM1,500 RM1,500 RM1,500
Scholarship** Up to 100%, depending on your official/trial SPM results Up to 100%, depending on your official/trial SPM results Up to 100%, depending on your official/trial SPM results


^The tuition fees stated above are for Malaysian students only. Tuition fees for international students will vary.

*The Engineering Foundation Year is undergoing a tuition fee review and may increase in 2023.

**All applicants are required to pay a deposit to confirm their place at UoSM and to be entitled to scholarship or education grant. The scholarship and education grant cannot be compounded. Only ONE (1) financial incentive with the highest amount will apply.

Kindly check your scholarship eligibility with your respective UoSM education counsellor or refer to our Scholarship webpage for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

If you are applying using different qualifications and are applying for other UoSM programmes, please contact your respective UoSM counsellor for an accurate calculation of your tuition fees.

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