MAP Partners

The Management Alliance Project (MAP) is the University of Southampton Malaysia’s global initiative to engage industrial and academic partners in providing students with career and social development guidance.

As a career-focused university, one of our prime objectives is to keep exploring ways to enhance secondary school students’ understanding of real-world practices. In line with this, the University of Southampton Malaysia’s Management Alliance Project is a global drive to engage secondary/higher secondary school students as well as staff through various activities, on and off campus, to develop a better understanding of industries and related careers, and to support their social and personal growth.

The initiative has received tremendous support from partners, both domestic and international, giving students and school management various perspectives on academic pathways, career selection & progression and social development.

Industry-focused Activities:
Career-focused workshops and tailored counselling sessions by UoSM academics and our industrial partners are regularly conducted for our partner MAP schools.

Sponsorship opportunities:
MAP partnership offers sponsorship opportunities between UoSM and partner MAP schools & organizations on various projects of mutual interest.

Exclusive MAP Grant:
5% MAP Grant is offered exclusively to students from our partner MAP schools and employees/families of industrial partners, in addition to academic scholarships.

Joint Career Development Efforts:    
A mutual effort by partners to provide a career development opportunity to students and staff & their families for future growth and stability.

Career-Counselling Assistance:    
Content and input from UoSM and industrial partners for career counsellors at partner institutions through various engagements and trainings.

Sponsorship Opportunities:        
Sponsorship possibilities between academic & industrial partners and UoSM for events and campaigns of mutual interest.

Good HR Initiative:        
Benefits extended to staff and their families of partner schools and organizations, thus proving the alliance as a positive HR initiative for all stakeholders.

Exclusive & Additional Grants:    
MAP partner institutions and organizations are offered exclusive MAP grants in addition to regular offers from UoSM.